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Theme 34 by mcpoyles

live preview / freetexthost / pastebin

  • 4 customization links
Base Stylesheet
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Hi all, I’m really sorry for the lack of replies! I haven’t been using Tumblr for awhile, so I will no longer be answering questions due to weeks of being inactive ~I’m sure you’ve all moved on from the question now. But I’ve been getting loads of requests on how to create a Tumblr theme. Unfortunately, I am very bad at explaining so I’ve provided you with a simple base stylesheet (two collumns) which you can get here

You can read more about how to edit/customize them, here. If you’re having trouble, ettudis has a great tutorial page on it! Just play around with it, add fonts (, colors and your own style to it :)

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Theme 33 by mcpoyles

live preview / freetexthost / pastebin

  • There isn’t a credit on this theme except from the one at the very top (inside the theme). I wasn’t sure where to put it, but I don’t mind the credit link anymore so you have to the choice to credit me or not :)
  • Simple. AGAIN. Sorry about that! I’ll do a dark one next
  • Click on “About” and your description comes out + 4 extra links
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Theme 32 by mcpoyles

live preview / freetexthost / pastebin

The original can be found here (code) *password is olives* They’re the same just different size and placement of the sidebar. The version above was changed after I saw downeying's little sidebar, so credit goes to her :]

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Theme 31 by mcpoyles

live preview / freetexthost / pastebin
  • side image is 200px
  • four customization links
  • very simple and clean